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EDS Awareness Bracelets

Our Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome Network CARES Bracelets. These EDS bracelets have been a huge hit. If you buy more than a 100 we can give you a discounted rate. Call the EDS Network CARES for the special rate.


EDS Network CARES Designer Memorial Pins

This is one of the" Designer Memorial Pin"....the only difference between this pin and the other Designer Pin there's butterflies on this pin. Every Memorial pin is also different...it may have 1 butterfly and 2 people or 2 butterflies and 3 people etc....


EDS Wallet Medical CARDS

We now have our EDS Medical Wallet cards ready to mail out.. Bigger print so everyone can read the cards. Let us know how many you would like. The idea is to make sure we carry them where ever we go.

Cards are free. Small mailing charge requested...Thank you!


EDSNC Designer Pins

Here's our EDS Network CARES designer pins. We have 120 pins and every single pin is different. A company called Designs By Lucinda made these beautiful pins into a puzzle piece and used the EDS Network CARES colors.
Click the picture to enlarge the picture...


Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome Network CARES Buttons

These wonderful awareness buttons were made by Anita Burdzell and are ready to sell for our upcoming EDSNC May Awareness Month or anytime you want to spread EDS awareness. Thank you, Anita!!
The buttons will only be sold as a set of 3.
Made By: Anita Burdzell


Information Packet for Educators

Here the perfect back-to-school tool for your EDS student's. This packet includes a personalized component that allows each EDS student's individual needs to be stated for specific classes such as Physical Education. There is also a component specific to the Vascular EDS student, as well as an emergency component.

This EDS Educators Packet is free but we do have to charge for shipping and handling. Thank you!